Do you have an Exit Plan?

Securing an Exit is as important as securing an Investment.

Entrepreneurs must not only aspire for it, but make it an essential part of their overall business plan.

Having an exit plan is always a positive.


Why do they matter?

Exits are the least understood, yet a very important part of planning a business.

They matter because that’s when all stakeholders get rewarded for all the hard work, investments and risk that they put in.

You can minimize opportunity costs by going for an Exit instead of losing your best years on one non-scaling startup.

Growth stage companies are increasingly approaching startups for buyouts rather than building from scratch. The demand for a startup’s product, team and market traction is at an all-time high.


We answer all those questions startup founders usually have but don’t know the answers to!

When should I start working on an exit plan for my startup?

Make Exit planning a part of your overall business plan as early as possible. That ensures your control on any possible outcome for your startup and will maximize the returns in any scenario.

What are the different exit options that I can explore for my startup?

The most commonly favored and explored options for technology startups are Acquisitions / Mergers and Acquihires.

Why should I plan for an exit instead of growing my startup?

Building and growing your startup should always be the priority.

But, evolving your exit plans along with your growth is recommended as it keeps you better prepared and helps negotiate through any possible outcome.

How long will it take to complete an Exit transaction?

It depends on the kind of Exit that you are looking for and the stage that your startup is at currently.

Typically, the deals take anywhere between 1 to 6 months for successful completion.

Your investors need an Exit. You need one too.

An Exit may just kick-start the Next Big Thing for you.


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