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Change is Inevitable, Growth is ConstantEnterprises & Startups are discovering accelerated growth through the startup ecosystem

For hypergrowth, large companies are choosing unconventional strategies like acquisitions and acquihire. Startups are the reason for such opportunities.

Startups are also using this phenomenal leverage to become a part of a growing company by choosing well timed and rewarding exits.

Being “Tech Startup Specialists”, StartupLogin is strongly integrated with the startup ecosystem. Our decade-long experience and expertise in making acquisitions & acquihire work, help achieve the best value proposition for both corporates and startups.

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Deal Structuring to Closure with best possible outcome

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StartupLogin can help build the best strategy for you

Be it an Acquisition, Acquihire or even an Exit


What is Startup Exit?

Exit is a strategic plan to sell your entire company including your ownership, product, people and assets to another company

What would be the right time to exit from your own startup?

Make Exit planning a part of your overall business plan as early as possible. That ensures your control on any possible outcome for your start up and will maximize the returns in any scenario.

What are the different exit options (available)?

The 3 Options of an Exit are 

  1. Acquisition: In this scenario, the entire company including, its product, IP, people, assets, customers all get acquired by the acquiring company.
  2. Acquihire: Only the team is acquired by the other company. No other asset is taken into consideration.
  3. Product Sale: The acquiring company may want to just buyout the product of the startup. This may include all aspects of the product like IP, Software Codes, API’s etc.
How do I Exit, get Acquired or get Acquihired?
  1. Discuss with your existing investors and cofounders what it means and get their complete buy-in even before you start exploring
  2. Narrow down on the path you want to take: Acquisition or Acquihired.
  3. Search for potential buyers. Here is where we help you.
  4. Explore opportunities with potential buyers
  5. Discuss, Negotiate and Close the deal. We will help you in the entire process.
How long does it take to complete an acquisition?

Typically, the deals take anywhere between 1 to 6 months for successful completion.

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