Startup Login

The What & Why?

More than 90% of the startups struggle to succeed in what they set out to do and they don’t have proper channels in the market to get a good exit so that the founders can move on to solving other problems. Startups which are successful are also on the lookout for exit options for various reasons and they look out for bigger players in their domain to get merged into or to acquire them.

On the other hand, enterprises and highly funded startups are always scouting for startups solving a particular problem or products that align with their goals. It makes sense for them to acquire those startups/products rather than building from scratch. The entrepreneurial talent that you find in startups is also of great value for these companies.

It is very much evident that there is a huge gap between the startups and the enterprises and Startup Login is set out to bridge this divide.

We realised that it is very difficult for startup founders to find these exit opportunities themselves while focussing on their businesses. We also spoke to many small and medium enterprises and they were all on the lookout for products built by startups and startup talent.

We initiated Startup Login so that all the startups and enterprises can benefit from this platform which indirectly pushes the whole ecosystem forward. As a team that has been active in the ecosystem for about 10 years now, having in-depth knowledge of the challenges and opportunities, and with a huge number of partnerships and connections in the industry, we are sure that we will be able to be of great support to both startups and enterprises.

Our expert team will work with startups to formulate an exit strategy for them and handles the match-making with enterprises. We support both the parties throughout the process. We also have Subject Matter/Technology Experts across sectors on board who can advise both the parties during this process.