About us

We are a team of professionals who specialize in acquisition and acquihire and exits for technology startups

The What & Why?

More than 90% of the startups struggle to succeed in what they set out to do and they don’t have proper platform and guide to strategize their exit so that the founders are always taking the best decision for their company. Large companies do not have a single window to discover the best startups and engage with them for a gainful acquisition.

Startups that are successful and smart always look out for exit options to be acquired or merged with bigger players in their domain.
On the other hand, well-funded startups and large companies are always scouting for startups that can lend speed to their growth plans by acquiring the best technologies, talent, products and untapped markets. It makes sense to buy rather than build. Over and above, the entrepreneurial talent that you find in startups is also of great value for these companies.

Startup Login is set out to play the role of a facilitator and trusted advisor for both startups and enterprises to help realize the respective vision, goals, and objectives of all the stakeholders

We realised that it is very difficult for start-up founders to find these exit opportunities themselves while focussing on their businesses. And at the same time for large companies to continuously be on the search for the right startup that adds value to their growth.

We initiated Startup Login so that all the startups and enterprises can benefit from this platform which indirectly pushes the whole ecosystem forward. As a team that has been active in the ecosystem for about 10 years now, having in-depth knowledge of the challenges and opportunities, and with a huge number of partnerships and connections in the industry, we are sure that we will be able to be of great support to both startups and enterprises.

Our expert team will work with startups to formulate an exit strategy for them and handles the match-making with enterprises. We support both parties throughout the process. We also have Subject Matter/Technology Experts across sectors on board who can advise both parties during this process.


Our Team

We combine global expertise and local insight to help you plan and execute the right strategy