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Why do Startups need an EXIT?Securing an Exit is as important as securing an Investment.

Entrepreneurs must critically evaluate and build an exit plan.
Startup Exit must be an essential part of the overall business strategy.
Planned exit is important to you, your stakeholders, your business partners and your people.

Why does it makes sense to Exit?


How does it work?Exit as a Service Proposal to Closure

Startup login provides a guided and structured assistance throughout all the processes
Startup Acquisition
Acquisition of the company: Its Assets, Products, IP and the Team
Product Buyout
Sell the product or service, Monetize the customer value and IP
Startup Team is acquired and handsomely compensated
Hiring of Founders and CXOs
Senior leadership is usually offered well-positioned roles by the acquiring company.

Its as easy as that!

Achieve your Exit in 5 simple Steps


Evaluation and Deal Sharing

Explore & Analyse for right option.


Connecting Potential Buyers

Identifying and Contacting Targets.


Preparing the Termsheet

Evaluate and negotiate offers for the successful outcome


Third Party Due Diligence

Analysis, Assessment, and Verification


The Deal Closure

Sign the deal and complete the transaction

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